UAE Investors Association

“In light of the trends of the UAE in creating a new generation of owners of modern sciences and inventions and those with innovative minds.
Yesterday, Monday, 4th October 2021 noon, at the headquarters of the Emirates Inventors Association, Ms. Joy Happinat, CEO of the Philippine Academy was granted membership of the Association in the year 21/22.
The special shield of the association, in addition to membership in the Emirates Inventors Association.
This is the culmination of supplying the association with a number of students with inventions in various modern sciences.

Work has been done by the administration of the three parties to discuss a huge three-dimensional strategic sponsorship agreement to be signed in a special ceremony and a huge advertising campaign during the next week, God willing.
Congratulations to all, wishing everyone continued progress and more successes.
The association’s special shield and membership cards were handed over by the inventor of the first Emirates and the president of the association, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Majjan, in the presence of the association’s special advisor, Mr. Ahmed Al-Husseini.”

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