Our Organization Structure

In view of the rapid development witnessed by the Filipino Academy and the ramifications of its strong relationships with individuals, institutions, and governmental bodies, so, based on a decision by the founder of the Filipino Academy No: fanov23/1011 issued on 11/01/2023, which stipulates the formation of a Board of Directors for the Filipino Academy, consisting of the CEO, COO, Department directors and FA academic friends from outside the Academy in age 35 and above

Accordingly, an immediate meeting of the CEO, COO, and the FA department manager was held in the Hope Hall at the Filipino Academy, immediately Work began to define the tasks and powers of the Board of Directors according to international standards, as well as to appoint Board members

The Board of Directors acts in the best interests of FA, governing in accordance with its Articles of Association and having governance arrangements that demonstrate visionary leadership, clarity of relationships, effective oversight and sustainability, and achieve the greatest possible economies.

The Board of FA has three core functions:

  • to set the strategic direction of the organization
  • to monitor the educational performance of all Candidate within the trust
  • To ensure financial probity. 

Directors are responsible for the strategic direction, broad policy framework, and oversight of the FA. They make decisions that are in the best interests of the FA as a whole and are not representative of any one of the others.

The top 5 responsibilities of the board of directors:

  • Organization strategic planning and monitoring. …
  • Protect assets and provide financial oversight. …
  • Serve on committees or working groups. …
  • Select, support, and review the performance of the chief executive. …
  • Board member recruitment and board performance evaluation.

The Board is supported by the CEO, Chief Finance Officer (CFO), and Governance & Compliance Lead. FA Board of Directors 2023

Filipino Academy Institute (FAI) founder

Dr. Adnan Abo Odeh

Arab Institute for Accountant & Legal (AIAL) / Filipino Academy Institute founder and established accountancy and legal science institute, saw that a profession distinguished by rigorous educational requirements, high professional standards, a strict code of professional Training ethics, and a commitment to serving the public interest.

The principal objective of the Institute is to promote knowledge of interest in UAE and uphold education administration to provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinions on all aspects of engineering, finance, and administrative training.

CEO, Filipino Academy Institute

Ms. Joyleen Hapinat

Ms. Joy is a BS Biology Graduate, Master in Biology- Ongoing, MBA Professional; MPM

Before taking up the current position as CEO of Filipino Academy, Ms. Joyleen Hapinat is also currently managing Arab institute for Accountants & Legal, the current partner and UAE Chapter of Filipino Academy, and Development Academy for Training & Science Center alongside with the Owner & Director of both training centers in UAE.

She is giving credit for her 15 years of experience to the two institutes that serves as her training ground where she has molded her skills and knowledge in Management and  Leadership.

It has always been her aspiration to give back and serve her home country, and by doing so, what is more noble is to help her fellow Kabayan achieve their goals by upgrading their skills and knowledge in order for them to become more equipped, confident and competitive to face this tough world.

HR & Logistic Manager

Ms. Ruthmar Fuentes

Mrs. Ruthmar Fuentes is an accomplished HR manager at Filipino Academy, leveraging her expertise and experience to drive the organization’s HR initiatives. Her responsibilities encompass various aspects of HR management, including recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management, employee relations, and policy development. Through her efforts, she has made a significant impact on the Filipino Academy’s workforce, contributing to the organization’s overall success.

Mrs. Fuentes continues to be an invaluable asset to the Filipino Academy, ensuring that the organization’s human capital remains its greatest strength.

Marketing Manager

Mr. Glen Dañas

Glen Danas’s role as the Sales Marketing Manager and Social Media at Filipino Academy is crucial to the academy’s success. Through his strategic marketing initiatives and social media expertise, he drives growth, enhances brand visibility, and fosters a strong online community. His commitment and professionalism make him a valuable asset to the academy, contributing to its continuous development and achievements.

Analyzes website and implements social media presence and identifies potential new markets in the field of education in UAE.

He leads and trains a team of Marketing Associates, and reviews current marketing campaigns to meet company goals.

FA Sharjah Branch Manager
( Supply Chain Analyst Logistic Consultant )

Ms. Carrence See Sun - MBA

Ms. Khae is a dedicated individual who serves as the Branch incharge of the Filipino Academy in Sharjah, With her expertise and commitment, she plays a vital role in the development and growth of the academy.

Ms. Khae’s role as the Branch Manager of the Filipino Academy in Sharjah is integral to the educational development of the Filipino community in the region. Her qualifications, dedication, and contributions have greatly benefited the academy and its students. Through her innovative approach to education and her commitment to fostering a sense of community, Ms. Khae is making a significant impact on the Filipino community in Sharjah

As part of the strategy, President Dr. Adnan praised FA steps to further increase FA education footprint as it expands its operations to meet rising global Professional Education demand.



Board Meeting of Filipino Academy

Venue: Burj Al Arab, Dubai UAE

Board Member Meeting Dubai, 12th December, 2023 

Dr. Adnan Abo Odeh the Founder of Filipino Academy today presided over the launching of the annual meeting of the Filipino Academy Board of Directors, in his capacity as its Chairman.

During the meeting, which was held at Burj Al Arab, Dubai, the board directed FA to pursue its ambition to support FA by 2024 and on with high   Strategic Initiatives.


At the end of the meeting, the second meeting was held on Sunday, 03/31/2024, which is expected to be held in the halls of Burj Khalifa, God willing.

The CEO, Ms Joy Hapinat underlined FA important role as a primary catalyst for the Filipino community growth in UAE and diversification and commended the academy for maximizing values for the Filipino and creating a new professional Filipino generation trained for economic and industrial opportunities for the private sector.

Mrs Marlin FA Consultant expressed his appreciation for the hard work of FA’s employees and stressed that people are the nation’s greatest assets and the FA Leadership will continue to prioritize human capital development.