We excel in producing high quality, innovative education for Filipinos which translates into benefits both locally and worldwide. We have a Filipino community of students coming mainly from the UAE and across the GCC countries. Our academic staff are driven by creativity and curiosity and many are leaders in their fields, creating a stimulating environment for learning.

Our students benefit from instructor-led teaching that develops their individual intellectual abilities.


Our vision is to be a world-leading, knowledge-excellent, educationally outstanding university, driven by creativity and curiosity, that fulfills its social, cultural, and economic obligations to the Filipinos and the world. By fulfilling our vision we expect to improve our standing as one of the top universities in the world specifically in the Middle East.


The mission of the Filipino Institute UK is to enhance everyone including the employees and to contribute to society through the pursuit of education and learning at the highest international levels of excellence.


Accreditation in Filipino Academy UK focuses on evaluation and continuing improvement of educational quality. FA UK’s accreditation provides an accountability framework for institutions that first and foremost seeks to ensure that institutions offer well-developed programs that prepare students for their chosen fields of work.

FA UK’s accreditation outline the expectations for accredited member institutions in such areas as:

  • Management and Administrative Operations,
  • Program Requirements,
  • Educational Administration and Faculty


  • Student Recruiting and Advertising,
  • Admissions Policies and Practices,
  • Student Services,
  • Student Achievement

MicroLink IT Association

MicroLink IT Association was established in 1975 in Washington D.C. , USA. It aimed to provide quality and international academic programs in information technology not only for the US but all over its constituents.

International Financial Institution Society – IFIS USA

IFIS is a global network of professional services organizations providing Financial Client Solutions, Assets Management, and Accreditation Services.

Panama International Tourism Association

PITA is a statutory board as a global organization. It champions the development of the international tourism sector, one of the country’s key service sectors and economic pillars.

London Chamber of Commerce

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the capital’s largest independent networking and business support organization. It represents the interests of its members to key business stakeholders and influencers in London and further afield across all business sectors.

Leadership & Management Global Organization

LMGO is a global provider of leadership development and management research. Ranked among the world’s top providers of executive accreditation and standardization.

Chartered Institute of Certified Public Accountant

CICPA is a dedicated institute of excellence in accounting, auditing, and finance in the world that exists to lead and serve the accounting profession.