The Academy CEO

The Filipino Academy is the largest professional Filipino institution, had no CEO position before but as the company is getting bigger and better FA has CEO now for the largest academy chain here in the UAE and the UK.

“Being selected as the CEO of The Filipino Academy ‘was a cherishing moment for me”, says Joyleen F. Hapinat. Claiming to be proud and cherished at the same time, the position dedicated the CEO to the whole team of The Filipino Academy who strived hard to push me to accept and receive such a prestigious position.

The CEO further states, “We at (FA) dedicate ourselves to counsel the students to the right career path and have a brighter future that can substantially contribute to the development of the nation, and this honor really means a lot for the endeavors of me and my team.”

Who is she

Joyleen F. Hapinat, (MBA, MPM) is a professional with a high-level of academic educational status has worked as a managing chief executive officer of the International Exchange Programs at AIAL International Consulting and Evaluation in the UK with several branches in the Middle East:

  • Arab Institute for Accountants and legal (AIAL) UAE,
  • Development Academy for Training and Science Center (DISC) Dubai,
  • International Center for Accountants and Bankers Experts (ICAB) in Egypt and Jordan, United Arab Emirates.

Prior to assuming this role in July 2019, she served as Deputy Director-General of the International Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Society in Britain, also worked as an Operations and Project Manager for Business and Management in AIAL. Dubai. Furthermore, she functioned diligently as an academic planner in (Development Academy for Training and Science Center (DISC) where she was assigned to develop public relations within a wide range of international institutions in America, Europe and Asia such as International Organization for Leadership and Management Switzerland, Chartered  Institute of Certified Public Accountants USA , Lahaye Institute International Law & Human Rights, Netherlands and the Arab International Society of Certified Public Accountants IASCA  Jordan.

In addition, she carefully handled discipline management for the creation of the International Testing Center and team Leader of the English Language Testing Center (IELTS) and the British Council and IDP. Australian, UK and fortunately, she became a DISC team Leader of the English Language Testing Center (TOEFL) USA by ETS and Amideast. Finally, Joyleen worked as managing the discipline for the establishment of the International Testing Center for Post Graduate American Testing Keraterion, which includes the laboratories of doctors, engineers, accountants, administrators, leadership, logistics, and security.

On behalf of the chairman of the Filipino Academy, the board members, faculty and staff. I welcome you all to the Filipino Academy where your career begins here – upgrading the skills of global Filipinos

Here at the Filipino Academy in the light of the professional training of science, leaders and all team members are in line with the vision to build a generation of creative and enthusiastic accomplishers who express improving in their own words and actions, illuminating the future of humanity. Through education, we try to instill in our students a great sense of honor, integrity, responsibility and selfish service to humanity.

Taking into account the desired goals, we are expanding our support for curriculum and curriculum at all levels to meet the biological, psychological and social needs of students. By providing the best education, we encourage our students to think carefully and communicate clearly about the fundamental questions of ethics, beauty, and logic to meet and respond to the challenges of the contemporary world. The Filipino Academy promotes students’ skills and learning to solve problems independently and work collaboratively with others.

We are very concerned about the care and protection of our students. We take all kinds of initiatives to connect Filipino students to a multicultural society and social structures. For leadership and personal development, they are encouraged to participate in joint activities in the curriculum as members of different communities including observation, conservation, and youth clubs.

We also have close contact with strategic partners and other communities to share and celebrate students’ success. We expect our students to work hard to meet the standards of achievement, progress, and learning as well as personal and social growth. They will show their best potential in future endeavors, God willing.

We are determined to bring The Filipino Academy, at par with the best institutions in the UK, adhering to the founding ideology of the (FA) to achieve modern scientific knowledge keeping up with our Filipino values.

We, as Board and CEO will do our best, in striving hard to accomplish the vision of our Academy. Our top priority is to uplift and upgrade the Academy curriculum which will bring about a positive change in the total personality of our students. We ensure all guidance and cooperation in this regard. However, your valuable suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the Academy are always welcome.