As an academic institution known for its innovative post-education programs for Overseas Filipinos in the UAE, Filipino Academy UK-Dubai branch has proven its ability in helping Filipinos reach greater heights in the recently concluded the graduation for one of its educational and training programs.

The institution has celebrated this year’s graduation for its Filipino students that have completed their course curriculum in business, allowing them to find more ways to be globally competitive and beyond ready to conquer the international arena.

Among those who expressed pride for this year’s graduating class is Joyleen Hapinat, CEO of Filipino Academy in Dubai Branch.

“This is a time of celebration and thanksgiving. I very much hope that this class will consider this success as another step in achieving great milestones in the future. It is also a time to thank those who have helped you, your families, friends, loved ones, trainers, and all those who contributed to making it possible. Always remember, your success is our success too,” she said.

Dr. Karen Remo, CEO and Managing Director of New Perspective Media Group, and the Publisher of The Filipino Times, highlighted that even though billion-dollar companies were founded by college dropouts such as Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, the reality is that most successful people are still armed with formal education.

“College dropouts who make it big are very rare exceptions – they are not the rule. The rule is that for many people, especially the low-income students, a degree allows them to have 90 per cent chance of escaping poverty. Take education away and 9 out of 10 will remain poor, forever. Education unlocks myriads and a plethora of opportunities, you may even haven’t heard of or imagined,” she added.

In addition, Dr. Wafa Qasimieh, ang Senior Executive Cultural Consultant ng Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Islamic Culture ng Department of Islamic Affairs, extended her warmest congratulations for the graduates, noting that they should be proud of themselves because they took the risk and overcome their fear of going out of the comfort zone.

“Success is not overnight. It’s not easy. Growth is uncomfortable because you have never seen this new version of you. But I believe that all of you here came out from your comfort zone because you pushed yourself out of your limit. Be proud of yourselves because you’re almost there. After this, that is where life really begins,” she said.

One of the graduates, Rhea Asehan, noted how this achievement puts her and her fellow graduates one more step towards achieving their dreams, and that she is confident that what she has learned from Filipino Academy UK-Dubai branch will help her be braver in taking risks.

“I am sure that we all have our reasons for being here and taking all risks. We all have dreams, aspirations. We have once again taken a step towards our goals. Remember the reason we are here, keep it in your heart. As we bust through these new adventures in our lives, we will face struggles and make mistakes, but these will make us grow and chance. These things will become as important as our successes because they will define us. I am positive that someday we will see each other again and talk about what we have achieved,” she said.

Dominic Wamelda, another graduate of Filipino Academy, expressed his deepest gratitude for the institution, saying that it has inspired so many Filipinos to level up and be confident to excel in their chosen field.

“I am happy and satisfied about what I learned from each subject. To the teaching faculty, thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom that helped us a lot in developing ourselves, not just on the skillset, but mostly on the development of our totality as an individual. You made us more confident as we step into the outside world, to believe that we Filipinos deserve to be in the management level also, and that we soon, we can also be the CEOs of our own businesses,” he said.

According to its website, Filipino Academy UK-Dubai branch—a subsidiary of Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal —is “an institution that prides itself for being an ally for professional advantage and personal growth”. It helps Filipinos from the UAE and across the GCC who wish “to enhance everyone through the pursuit of education and learning at the highest international levels of excellence.”

Committed to helping OFWs continuously enhance their skills through education that comprises the highest international levels of excellence, Filipino Academy offers flexible courses that enable them to be at par with the high-quality standards required in their workplace.

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