Procurement Management

Course Description

Professional Diploma in Procurement Management aims to equip a relevant personnel with clear understanding and skills required to be successful in this rapidly changing, dynamic marketplace. Through this training, an individual will not only learn how to implement the traditionally disciplined approach in managing critical business relationships such as “processing” and “accepting” of purchase orders; but also acquire the ability to quickly understand and employ strategic new methods and technology. Trainees will learn how to assess and respond effectively to current market conditions; and will have the foresight to envision the future needs of the organization, setting into motion plans that will respond to the changing dynamics of the continually reinvented organization

Target Attendees

Individuals who aspire to enter the procurement management profession
Professionals who are involved in sourcing management, as well as procurement services and operations.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Procurement:

  • Overview/Objectives/General Objectives
  • Types of Procurement/Direct/Indirect
  • Steps of Procurement Process
  • Procurement Cycle Defined

Module 2: Procurement Process:

  • Importance of Procurement in an Organization
  • Stages/Components of Procurement
  • Principles/Pillars of Procurement
  • Classification of Procurement Models

Module 3: Contracts/Contracts Management:

  • Definition/Process of Contract
  • Elements/Requirements of Contract
  • Benefits of Contract
  • Contract Management & Styles

Module 4: Professional Ethics in Procurement:

  • Definition/Ethical Concepts & Principles
  • Types of Unethical Behavior
  • Ethics Policy/Ethics Training/Ethical Practices

Module 5: Procurement Best Practices:

  • Procurement Best Pratices Defined
  • Top 7 Procurement Practices

Module 6: Public Procurement:

  • Overview
  • Public Procurement Defined
  • Government Problems
  • Strategic Purchasing in Public Procurement
  • E-Procurement