Human Resource Management

Course Description

A professional Human Resource department ensures a harmonious relationship between employees and the organization they work and is a crucial factor in the success of any organization. This makes Human Resource Managers highly valued professionals. This course will help you develop your career in Human Resources by teaching you the key skills needed for guaranteeing that you hire the right staff and train and motivate them effectively.

Who Should Attend?

This program is intended for experts, especially the people who are new to the HR capability in their association, or who have some insight, but no proper preparation. It is additionally appropriate for experts who might want to widen their HC/HR information and foster their mastery and relational abilities. Line supervisors, who are entrusted with some workforce capabilities, would likewise track down this an exceptionally valuable program.

About The Program

Dealing with the Human Resources/HR capability in an association requires the utilization of numerous abilities, including the capacity to oversee yourself as well as other people, the capacity to settle on informed choices and tackle issues really. This program will empower HC/HR experts to foster basic abilities inside the fundamental elements of HC/HR: Resourcing, Execution The board, Learning and Improvement, Talking, TNA (Preparing Needs Investigation), Award Construction, and so on.

The program is highly practical, with delegates involved in group activities, role-plays and exercises aimed at developing and enhancing their skills.

Course Objectives
  • To understand the different roles and responsibilities of Human Capital / Human Resource Managers
  • To become familiar with the recruitment and selection process, resourcing, and the skills required for effective interviewing
  • To identify and use the skills involved in managing people effectively, specifically planning and organizing, communication, leadership, assertiveness, motivation, delegation, decision-making, etc.
  • To identify the key elements of employee relations, focusing specifically on the techniques of coaching, counseling, and disciplinary action
  • To examine employee learning and development (L&D), in order to plan, and implement, L&D activities
  • To understand the importance of a Reward Management Framework
  • To develop the skills needed to conduct productive appraisals within a Performance Management System
  • To become familiar with creating effective policies and procedures for employees
What You Will Gain
  • A clear understanding of the management and interpersonal skills required to effectively perform the Human Capital / HR function
  • The ability to develop skills such as planning, decision-making, interviewing, coaching, and counseling
  • Exposure to all the aspects of current best practices in employee development


Course Outline

I. Foundations of Human Resource Management

A. The Management of Human Resources
B. HRM: An Academic and Professional Perspective

II. Operation Challenges

A. Recruitment and Selection
B. Managing Employee Relations
C. Managing Discipline and Grievance
D. Equality in Employment
E. Managing Health and Safety
G. International Human Resource Management

III. HRM Processes

A. HR Planning and Measurement
B. Learning and Development
C. Managing Performance
D. Managing Rewards


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