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Course Modules

Course Structure Lesson Modules
Unit 1

    Core Principles of Healthcare Practice

  • Introduction to Healthcare System
  • Becoming a Professional Healthcare Service Provider
  • Professional, Work Ethics and Communication
  • Understanding the Basic Structure and function of the Human body
  • Standard Precautions and Infection Control in Healthcare Setup
Unit 2

Fundamentals in Providing Healthcare Assistant and Patient

  • Fundamentals of Vital Taking
  • Fundamentals of Patient Care and Hygiene
  • Fundamentals of:
    - Safety and Fall Prevention
    - Patient Positioning, Moving and Transfer
    - Assisting in Execise and Activity
    - Assisting in Elimination and Specimen Collection
    - Bed Making
    - Assisting in Patient Nutrition and Fluids
Module 3

Special Care Considerations

    Patient with Special Needs
  • Person with Common Health Problems
  • - Person with Mental Health Disorders
  • - Care of Elderly, Person with Confusion and Dementia
  • - End of life Care
  • - Infact Care
  • First Aid and Emergency Care