Health Care Service Training Course

Course Description

Healthcare management is a field that specializes in the management of healthcare centers and clinics. A healthcare manager is not a healthcare professional and does not practice healthcare duties of any sort. A healthcare manager must look after the business operations in a health care center. All over the world, we see health care expanding beyond hospitals. A lot of businesses and companies have taken hold over the healthcare sector. Hence, we need a professional to look after the affairs of such institutions.

The Medical services industry is one of the flourishing areas in the UAE. Regardless of whether you have a degree, getting an expert testament will help you in getting the significant capability, which can assist you with landing positions in clinics and clinical establishments, and instructional classes. The Medical Services Instructional classes in Dubai furnish you with top-to-bottom information and abilities to launch your vocation as a medical services professional.

How Can Healthcare Courses Help Your Career?

The Medical care area contains a different exhibit of enterprises, from clinics to clinical gear producing. The post-pandemic time has additionally helped profession open doors in the medical care area. The Medical services Courses can assist you with procuring a worthwhile compensation and remain refreshed with the most recent patterns in the medical care framework, which will make ready for your expert progression.
Filipino Academy Institute will assist you with improving your believability as a medical care proficient and assist you with accomplishing the ideal work fulfillment.

What Will You Learn from Healthcare Training Courses in Dubai?

Our Healthcare Courses in Dubai will help you learn the following things:

  • Gain knowledge of medical coding and billing systems, medical terminologies, regulatory requirements, auditing concepts, and principles.
  • Learn about primary care and comfort for patients
  • Learn how to communicate with patients in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Introduction to statistics and descriptive statistics.
  • Learn Medical records in detail, ICD-10 Auditing, and CPPS Auditing
  • Learn medical terminology that covers primary language, including prefixes, suffixes, word roots, combining forms, abbreviations, and symbols.
  • Learn about Safety & Infection Control standards at healthcare centers
  • Understand the correct use of the CPT/HCPCS Procedural Manual to assign codes to each service provided to patients.
  • Understand medical record abstraction and identify risk areas to practice.
Primary Objectives of Healthcare Training Courses in Dubai

To assist you with approving your insight into the medical services area, fabricate areas of strength for a fruitful vocation in the medical care area, construct the fundamental characteristics and abilities expected to fill in as an effective medical services Proficient, and help up-and-comers in venturing out towards obligation to a profession long learning in the medical care area.

Course Outline

  • Healthcare Policies and Regulations
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration
  • Organization of Hospitals
  • Disease Control Management
  • Medical-Legal Issues
  • Quality Assurance
  • Administration of Hospital
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Information Management
  • Healthcare Legislation
  • Anatomy
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Physiology
  • Hospital Enterprises Management
  • Medical terminologies
  • Conflict management
  • Epidemiology
  • Health management
  • Principles of Management

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