Secretarial Management

Course Description

The course is suitable for administrative professionals in all industries who lend secretarial support or manage an office environment, or work as a personal assistant within the organisation including executive secretaries.

Course Outline

  • Demonstrate, plan and prepare communication for meetings and prepare meeting reports
  • Demonstrate, plan, implement and control an information system in an organisation
  • Administering and co‐ordinate basic projects
  • Demonstrate, plan, monitor and control office supplies
  • Demonstrate, plan and schedule work for oneself and others
  • Demonstrate, plan and maintain the petty cash as well as perform basic business banking operations
  • Set the agenda for a meeting
  • Write meeting minutes
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement and monitor basic sustainable work practices
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding and application of occupational health and safety
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the generic format and specific for reports
  • Demonstrate an understanding of critical skills and confidence in English for communication
  • Demonstrate an understanding of detailing the different sections of the introduction, body and conclusion in the report
  • Demonstrate an understanding how to justify the conclusions of the report through the use of adequate information
  • Apply effective communication techniques to ensure a sustainable communication process
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the correct use of gender and tense
  • Demonstrate an understanding how to avoid pitfalls of poor punctuation
  • Demonstrate an understanding how to construct an effective title for the report
  • Demonstrate an understanding when and where to use graphics, tables and diagrams
  • Demonstrate an understanding the most effective way to conclude a report

Course Parts

Organising Meetings:

  • Taking minutes
  • Reports

Organising Business Events:

  • Co‐ordinating meetings, minor events and travel arrangements

Administering Projects:

  • Plan project administration
  • Coordinate project administration

Coordinating Business Resources:

  • Maintenance of office equipment
  • Office supplies and stock control
  • Financial and banking processes

Implementing and Monitoring Sustainable Work Practices Communicating Effectively (Telephone and Face‐to‐Face):

  • Body language
  • Building self confidence
  • Personal qualities to develop
  • Telephone skills, gaining information and closing calls
  • Workplace Occupational Health and Safety
  • Workplace safety and ergonomics

Implement Workplace Information System:

  • Identify and source information needs
  • Collect, analyse and report information
  • Implement information systems
  • Prepare for information system changes